Our story

Rosellina, Graziana, Carmela and Thomas are looking forward to your visit.

Rosellina and Graziana

Your hosts: Rosellina (right) and Graziana

In 1998 a group of young entrepeneurs refurbished an abandoned palazzo from early 1900 and brought it back to life as a boarding house, creating Modica’s first non-hotel lodging facilities.

From the beginning they were fascinated by the overgrown premises, the captivating view over old roof tiles, and of course the story of the building and its roots in the local sicilian culture. Soon after the first opening in June of 1999 it became clear that “I tetti di Siciliando”, as it was called, had the potential for great success, but also required continuous hard work. In the following years there were plenty of wonderful experiences, enthusiastic moments and satisfying outcomes.

As of today the staff consists of founder Rosellina, co-host Graziana, room attendant Carmela, and Rosellina’s German husband Thomas, responsible for website and marketing.

We are all travellers by heart and know that friendly reception, good tips and professional service can vastly improve the experience of being on the road, ideally to the point of having a home away from home. In addition, the continuous contact with our guests gives us the wonderful opportunity to see our hometown with the eyes of a traveller, rediscover local attractions, festivals and restaurants, and continue to improve our service and hospitality.

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